It’s Started

With the starting of public school right around the corner, I have started gathering up my stuff and am getting ready to plan for my first year of home school.

My Word, I didn’t think it would be so much work… and I am only doing it for one, so those of you that work full-time outside of the home and still find the time to plan your home-school for multiple children…WOW KUDOS TO YOU!

There is so many things that have to be thought of…

What curriculum do I use? How long should they spend on each subject? What do I feed for meal times? and the list just goes on and on…

I being a full-time work out side of the home mom, have decided that the only way I am going to even remotely pull this off is with planning out every detail, making schedules and sticking to them, and with the help of my Heavenly Father, God himself.

Currently I am just using note book paper for rough planning, but I have found several helpful sites with great planning tools for FREE!!

I plan on using this Weekly Meal Planner by What mommy does. I think it will serve my purpose nicely, I plan on printing it on both sides and laminating it so that it will cover both mine and my family’s meals for an entire week at a time. weekly-meal-plan-image-blue

If your wondering why I need a separate meal planner, let me explain… I do my best to follow a paleo lifestyle, while my husband and kids eat what ever they like and want (and they are one picky bunch, let me tell you). So having 2 meal plans will work best for me and my crew.

I have picked out our curriculum and started ordering it, and I plan to tell more about that once I have it all and can show you pictures.

For now I think I need to figure out the Meal situation first, because it has to be thought out and planned to meet everyone’s needs. There are recipes to be printed, food to be bought and prepped… Yes I do try my best to prep as much as possible, as early as possible. By prepping before hand I save time and money because then I am not running back and forth to our local overpriced grocery store buying things that I could have gotten in larger quantities in our nearest city. I bulk buy a lot of our foods from SAMS if your wondering.

Here are a few of my planned but not yet prepped meals for August 25th (first day of school) through September 25th. For breakfast I have planned on making up some pancake bites, breakfast burritos, and wafflewiches.


Here are a few meals that can be made for both lunch and dinner: chicken wraps, mini pot pies, and chili mac.

And if you have multiple kids like we do, the they never forget about dessert so here are a few of our favorites that can be desserts or afternoon snacks.

Lucky Treats, 7-UP cake,fruit, cookies, apple pie bites.

I have to go for now, you know back to planning, but check back later for some more planning Ideas, tools that are helpful, and recipes.


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